What is the end goal of tech disruption?

Innovators have made self-driving cars a reality, and yet finding a tech solution that prioritizes anyone beyond the perfect borrower is hard to find?

This striking contrast between what is possible with tech disruption and innovation and what is actually happening is something Catalina Kaiyoorawongs, co-founder and CEO of LoanSense, brings up several times, as she describes the state of tech disruption in the housing industry. 

“We’re creating systems that are ignoring the outliers and that’s the implication of automating things,” said Kaiyoorawongs. “There has to be a way to account for those outlier cases so that we can be more inclusive because the reality is the trends are moving towards more and more debt and more and more complexity.”

Kaiyoorawongs, who is based out of the Detroit Metropolitan area – the car capital of America – created LoanSense to provide an actionable and data-based roadmap for consumers saddled with debt on how they can buy a home. As a student loan digital advisor, LoanSense matches borrowers to the best federal loan repayment plan and gets payments counted towards loan forgiveness, saving them thousands of dollars. 

“We’re just going to make lending and the availability of housing more and more exclusive if we don’t account for the harder cases,” Kaiyoorawongs said, adding that the industry can’t just go after the perfect credit worthy, MBA, M.D. type of person. 

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