titlegenius by Radian makes closing simple, transparent and less expensive

According to Sawan Tivakaran, SVP, titlegenius Product Owner, “Homebuyers continue to cite the closing process as one of the most stressful events in their lives. Most feel this way because they don’t understand the process, what they are paying for or what is expected of them.”

However, there is an opportunity in the closing process for better integration between platforms to improve communication and sharing of documents between the brokerage, lender and closing company, each of which has its own process and technology, to relieve some of that stress.

Radian has developed titlegenius to help improve the closing process for homebuyers, sellers and lenders alike. The platform makes closings simple, transparent and less expensive.

Radian’s innovative platform walks the borrower through the closing process step-by-step, from contract to keys. With the right balance of people, resources and technology, Radian helps lenders and their borrowers close with confidence.

Titlegenius offers easy-to-use tools like remote capture and online notarization. These tools streamline title services and allow both lenders and their agents to manage the closing date, receive updates, securely access documents and understand what is needed for closing day. Plus, loan officers can access their entire transaction pipeline at a glance for purchase transactions using titlegenius.

Titlegenius by Radian offers enhanced security and creates a more transparent experience for title and settlement services and may also be able to lower costs. Radian’s goal is to bring value and transparency to every transaction, so lenders, homebuyers and sellers can close with confidence. With titlegenius, the intuitive digital tools and dedicated, licensed professionals get everyone to the closing table faster.

Lenders using titlegenius can improve pipeline management, communication and document sharing. The secure platform has an intuitive interface and easy-to-use dashboards. It is built on Radian’s patent-pending blockchain technology, which uses bank-grade encryption and dual authentication. Radian recognizes that its partners may be in different stages of the journey toward offering fully digital closings, so it offers traditional, remote online notarization and hybrid closing solutions. Titlegenius by Radian also integrates seamlessly with leading LOS systems to access these offerings and still potentially save homebuyers and sellers up to 20% at closing.

With titlegenius by Radian, lenders are able to:

  • Provide fast, accurate quotes and orders for title insurance and settlement fees
  • Understand and provide the status of each order, what has already been completed and what is happening next
  • Close more loans on time through a consistent process with a dedicated team
  • Generate faster turnaround times with centralized processing teams
  • Access localized knowledge, including relevant endorsements, through vetted, in-market escrow officers

Both Radian’s purchase and refinance offerings provide lenders with the data they need to quickly, accurately and seamlessly get their customers to close with confidence.

As Tivakaran said, “As a member of the trusted Radian family, titlegenius arms lenders with the solutions they need to provide their borrowers the service and speed that leads to quality, lasting relationships.”

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