The nation’s largest MLS is offering a new agent referral network program

California Regional MLS (CRMLS), the largest MLS in the country, has teamed up with technology provider Immobel to roll out two new products, MLS Match and Xomio, the company announced on Wednesday. 

MLS Match is an agent referral network program, while Xomio is internet data exchange (IDX) software that helps agents create websites in 19 different languages. 

MLS Match will be available to the more than 110,000 members of CRMLS for free, while Xomio will be sold at a discount via the CRMLS Marketplace.

“CRMLS is always looking for ways to streamline business for our users, and Immobel offers some of the most efficient systems we’ve seen,” Art Carter, CEO of CRMLS, said in a statement.

“Keeping in compliance and satisfying the legal requirements of referrals can be a consuming process, but MLS Match really cuts down on the time and creates a win-win scenario. Xomio, similarly, simplifies the labor of building a website and increases reach online. We’re very excited to see these expansive efficiency tools in action with our users.”

MLS Match enables CRMLS users to connect with other agents not only within California but also nationwide and in key international markets such as Mexico. The platform ensures legally binding referrals and secure sharing of client’s information. 

Meanwhile, Xomio’s IDX software empowers agents to create websites in 19 languages, enhancing their ability to connect with non-English-speaking clients and business partners.
Since September 2023, CRMLS members also have had access to a floor plan creation tool through a partnership with CubiCasa.