Steps to win with non-QM for a strong second half of 2022

Non-QM is an ideal way to protect your volume and referral base, especially in times when the market is volatile. Non-QM is increasingly important as its share of overall volume continues to rise as more borrowers need it to qualify for a loan. 

Originators utilizing non-QM with Angel Oak have added loans to their books they would not have had otherwise. A great place to start is prospecting for self-employed borrowers promoting Bank Statement loans. Bank Statement loans are specifically for self-employed borrowers who can’t qualify using tax returns due to write-offs. A large number of originators Angel Oak works with have carved out a niche for themselves just in the self-employed market. 

Learning more about non-QM can help you protect your volume in the second half of 2022. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions has five easy steps for originators to follow for success with non-QM. Account Executives can offer support and education with each step. Learn to be an expert while earning commission. It’s not too late to get started!

Build your knowledge and expertise and you’ll effectively be able to offer these non-QM solutions to the market and increase your volume. The steps are easy and will make a difference towards strengthening relationships with referral partners.

The steps include: 

·        Staying top of mind in social media

·        The importance of consistent networking

·        Finding your niche within non-QM programs

·        Choosing the right non-QM lender 

·        Establishing a personal brand

Each step is detailed in an asset piece that you can download here: 

Get The Steps

Start implementing these steps now promoting non-QM to be in an even better position for business growth in the aftermath of today’s market.

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