Recovery Base Sends Letter to Congress on Behalf of Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Victims

Massive Class Action Lawsuit a Possibility

SHERIDAN, Wyo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Recovery Base, a mutual non-profit company, reports that it has begun the process of filing complaints and letters with representatives of all three branches of the federal government, the Office of the United States Attorney General and public interest groups nationwide to assist victims of fraud, criminality and fraudulent concealment in foreclosure, bankruptcy, and property theft cases. A copy of the letter to the 116th Congress of the United States has been placed on the company’s website. It can be downloaded here.

A federal investigation in the one case that Recovery Base cited in its letter to both the United States Senate, the House of Representatives and certain committees should be expeditious since the victim tape-recorded conversations of banks and loan servicing company representatives and developed other hard evidence of real estate and mortgage fraud that will save the government a significant amount of time and expense. The letter also noted that American citizens are not the only victims of major banks and their nominees. The IRS is being denied an enormous amount of tax revenue in this ongoing defrauding of the United States government and its citizens. This places an added burden on state and federal taxpayers. Since the U.S. Census Bureau report on Owner-occupied housing units for 2017 states that 48,168,243 of the 76,684,018 homes in the United States have mortgages, a significant portion of the American public is taking a second hit from the mortgage process.

Those in foreclosure and bankruptcy are not the only ones complaining. Recovery Base has received reports from persons making their mortgage payments on time claiming that their credit ratings are dropping precipitously each time their mortgages or mortgage notes are flipped for $100 as part of the mortgage securitization process. Once a federal investigation delves into this matter, a significant percentage of the government-reported 48,168,243 homeowners may have grounds for a massive class-action suit. We are pursuing this.


Recovery Base has set up an email hotline for pro se and other distressed litigants who believe they are victims of fraud and misconduct in foreclosure cases. They may contact any of the following links:;; or


Brian Smith

Recovery Base