RealSource Properties Multifamily REIT Announces an Increase in Net Asset Valuation

NAV Increased to $13.96 per share from $12.00 per share, a 16% increase

SALT LAKE CITY–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The RealSource Properties Inc. REIT has raised its net asset value (‘NAV’) to $13.96 from $12.00. The updated valuation represents an increase of $1.96 or 16.3% from its prior valuation. The REIT, launched in March 2022, is currently valued at $430 million with a fund target of $500 million. The REIT’s NAV increase demonstrates RealSource’s strategic success in selecting high-quality assets in target markets. RealSource implements a value-add strategy, focusing on geographically diverse Class B/B+ properties that offer potential upside value. Their properties are in secondary MSAs demonstrating solid fundamentals and growth.

The RealSource Properties REIT currently contains eleven properties (3,125 units under management), across the United States. Last month, RealSource announced a distribution increase to $0.650 from $0.625 per share, providing investors with a continuous stable stream of income.

This performance is noteworthy in an inflationary, volatile environment where investors are looking to shift their assets to investments that are historically less correlated to traditional markets. RealSource has proven experience choosing assets through stringent data-driven evaluation and independent research. Their value-add strategy has been refined during their three decades of commercial real estate multifamily investment and management.

Nate Hanks, CEO of RealSource Properties, shares, “RealSource’s Fund performance demonstrates our ability to acquire well-chosen, thoroughly vetted assets, using our data to enhance our decision-making. The REIT’s positive performance validates our commitment to increasing Fund value while providing a potential hedge against inflation and a continued goal to preserve and grow capital.”

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Jake Pierce

Associate, Capital Markets

RealSource Properties, Inc.