OptifiNow launches Flex to support multi-channel mortgage teams

Cloud-based mortgage CRM OptifiNow has launched a version of its CRM platform called OptifiNow Flex, which is designed to support multi-channel mortgage teams.

The product aims to unify workflows for wholesale, retail, reverse mortgage, recruiting and more into a single system while also lowering IT costs, OptifiNow said in a statement.

OptifiNow’s vice president of sales, Linn Cook, said the product was a response to a “worrying trend” in the mortgage industry, with lenders implementing multiple CRM systems to serve different sales channels.

“They want specific tools, integrations and screens that provide each type of user with an ideal workflow, but they end up with a convoluted tech stack that drains their budgets and resources,” Cook said. “Maintaining multiple systems and a complicated IT environment in today’s tight business environment is unsustainable.

Flex will also allow management to house sales and marketing channels in one place. Its reports and dashboards can consolidate data and provide insights that are otherwise “cumbersome” with the use of multiple CRMs.

“Lenders need to streamline their tech stacks and reduce as much redundancy as possible,” OptifiNow CEO and president John McGee said. “Working with multiple vendors had meant shouldering the costs of the same fees and maintenance many times over.” 

OptifiNow provides lead, contact, content and account management solutions, as well as marketing automation, social collaboration, social selling, analytics and reporting tools.

The company has built “omni-channel CRMs to support many different lender configurations,” which includes simultaneous forward and reverse lending environments, multiple DBAs involving different workflows, and recruiting CRMs within the overall platform, according to the statement.

In January, OptifiNow integrated its wholesale mortgage CRM platform, OptifiNow TPO, with the Lender Price Flex Pricing Engine, to allow wholesale account executives to “provide mortgage brokers with instant loan quotes, increasing customer engagement and sales efficiency.” 

The same month, the company implemented its TPO CRM platform with Plaza Home Mortgage to leverage CRM tools to improve sales performance and marketing efficiency.