Opteon expands its direct-to-consumer appraisal offerings

Opteon, a Scottsdale-based appraisal, valuation, advisory, and property services provider, has expanded its direct-to-consumer business model nationwide, the company announced on Wednesday.

The goal of the expansion is to provide homeowners and buyers, along with real estate, legal, and tax professionals, the option to order an appraisal directly through Opteon’s services, according to a statement from the company.

“Through this expansion, we’re solidifying our commitment to our realtor and tax partners in a larger capacity nationwide,” Lee Trice, U.S. managing director of Opteon, said in the statement. “Real estate is often the largest asset and source of wealth for the average American and Opteon will be the trusted advisor for consumers at a nationwide level.”

The expansion model includes a full-time client service team to assist customers with the appraisal process, in addition to more than 200 staff appraisers and a network of over 16,000 panel appraisers.

“Our impending technology rollout will enable appraisers to deliver reports straight from the field,” Trice said. “Two-day turn times are just around the corner for our customers.”

Opteon, founded in 2005, operated in Australia and New Zealand before expanding into the U.S. in 2019. The company equips appraisers with a combination of technology, process and data management, merging AI and human expertise.

“The real estate industry faces juxtaposed issues: Outdated processes like constant phone calls, physical tools and long turn times, versus new technological solutions intended to replace the human element” Nick Conteduca, Opteon’s senior vice president of tech innovation, said in May 2022.

The company’s appraisal ordering platform and proprietary software offer a performance-based appraiser selection and an AI review tool, which covers more than 200 QC points.

Its software automates data imports, freeing “appraisers to focus on tasks requiring human critical thinking.” The technology is available on smartphones or tablets, allowing appraisers to send reports from anywhere they are based.

Last December, the company promoted Lee Trice to managing director of Opteon USA. Opteon USA has grown by over 80% during the last 18 month and has invested in its leadership team and piloting technology to produce two-day turn times, according to a December 2022 statement from the company.

In 2021, Opteon acquired the appraisal firm The William Fall Group, along with Valuation Partners and Summit Valuation Solutions.