Opinion: top 3 best online course platforms for real estate coaches

Congratulations! You’ve decided to share your expertise with other real estate professionals and become a coach and trainer. You may think that the greatest challenge is to create the content — but that’s just the beginning. In reality, you also need to decide where your content is going to live so that it will be seen by people interested in not only what you have to say, but who also want to learn more. 

Chances are, your “GoDaddy” basic website isn’t going to support what you need. The good news is that there are several sites available designed to help — whether it’s hosting your videos or selling your added-value content.  

If you just want to build up your consulting and live one-on-one business, you might need all the bells and whistles. You could host it free on a site like OnTrack Agent and create a deep link on your own website to drive traffic. Maybe you want a high-level, high-touch experience with your students instead. Then the monthly payments of an all-in-one hosting platform could make sense. Whatever the case, the amount you charge your students should reflect the value of content, not how much it costs you to host it. 

Before you choose, there are several additional issues to consider when making a decision.

  1. Do you have a prospect pipeline, or do you need exposure to agents seeking coaches?
  2. Do you want your own white-labeled site and if so, do you have the advertising budget to drive people there? 
  3. Do you want to be included with multiple coaches and trainers to reach a broader audience?
  4. Do you just want to share single videos, or do you have visions of creating courses and other materials such as workbooks and other materials?
  5. Do you want to build a resume of content to book more stage presentations and keynotes?
  6. Can you do everything yourself or do you need production and design support? 

Below are three different hosting sites to help you review and assess the one that will best fit your needs.

OnTrack Agent (OTA)

OTA offers a free platform with revenue share (10%). It is free to register as a trainer. OTA enables user video uploads and copyright control, plus it has a marketplace to sell books and products. OTA enables one-on-one coaching sales for upselling and database growth along with a backend store for each user for tracking and sales. It has a network of other trainers who drive traffic to the site for you to benefit. There is complete copyright protection and free advertising for new trainers. However, there is no CRM or course certificates offered


Kajabi costs $149-399 per month, and it is a high-end hosting platform. Users enjoy CRM management and email marketing capabilities. Kajabi is a complete online platform where users create their own platform, website and clickable funnels for user tracking and support. The site offers all-in-one branding and the chance to remove all Kajabi branding from your site. You can track sales, but won’t have the opportunity to advertise as a part of the base cost.


Thinkific costs $99 per month, and it offers the best overall hosting platform service for the cost. Users get CRM management, email marketing capabilities, drip campaign functionality and customizable landing pages. Thinkific offers an online platform with an integrated site designer, back-end tracking, user testing and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop course builder.