MoxiWorks boosts customer engagement with new product integration

MoxiWorks, a real estate technology platform, just made it easier to create and share presentations thanks to its latest product integration.

The company combined its two tools — MoxiPresent and MoxiConnect — to streamline the creation of presentations, buyer tours and annual property reviews to send the assets directly to customers.

“Innovation at MoxiWorks is always done with an eye towards making the agents more efficient and maximizing their opportunities. In a market as tough as this, it is always about gaining that edge,” said Dave Greenbaum, MoxiWorks’ VP of customer engagement, in a news release.

He added: “This deeper integration between two of our most-beloved products is all about making it easier for agents to really delight their clients — to be that expert, to have the answers, and to stay in touch long after or long before that contact is ready to transact.”

Providing value to clients is one way to bring more transactions to a real estate agent, the statement said. Sending annual property reviews, for example, can be a good way to educate clients on their home’s value, which keeps them informed on the benefits of buying and selling. 

“For years we’ve talked about the secret weapon of annual property reviews,” York Baur, CEO of MoxiWorks, said. “Your CRM is full of people who may be ready to list their property, but they need a trusted expert to show them what their opportunity looks like.”

He continued: “We know agents are the experts in their markets and they are best equipped to help their clients realize what’s possible. This new update makes putting these property reviews together easier than ever.”

MoxiWorks was one of the winners of the HousingWire 2023 Tech100 Real Estate award.