Marcia Davies to speak at HW Annual Oct. 3-5


Women are not only dominating in the mortgage and real estate industry, but also they are making room at the table for a new generation of women to do the same. To help fuel this growth for future and current women, HousingWire is thrilled to have Marcia Davies, a HousingWire Women of Influence and the founder of mPower — an organization that helps women in the real estate finance industry expand their reach — at the Women of Influence Forum.

Davies is set to speak on the panel, “(Wo)mentorship: How to Find and Maintain One,” at the forum, which is happening the day before HousingWire Annual. This power-packed panel is extra special since these women are actively practicing what they’re sharing on stage with each other in their daily lives. Davies is joined by Debbie Hoffman, managing associate general counsel at Western Union, Laura Escobar, president at Lennar Mortgage, and Kim Lanham, senior vice president of marketing, public relations and client services at Digital Risk.

These four women regularly meet to share wisdom and have raw and real conversations around what’s happening in their personal and professional lives. Sharing how they’ve found mentors, mentees and peers in their lives, attendees will learn how they can create community themselves.

Additionally, this panel will explore the power of mentorship and allies among women within lending and real estate and the benefits that these relationships can have for both junior-level and executive women in the industry.

In her decades-long career, Davies has worked at Freddie Mac and The Department of Housing and Urban Development. She now serves as the chief operating officer at the Mortgage Bankers Association where her expertise in strategic planning and management shine. She oversees conferences, marketing, education, IT and other professional services.

As the founder of mPower, she has helped grow the organization to 24,000 women and regularly hosts in-person and online events that focus on professional development. The women impacted by mPower are well positioned to take on leadership roles in the industry and continue to make changes for future generations of women in real estate. 

The Women of Influence Forum at HousingWire Annual is a limited capacity, half-day event that offers attendees the opportunity to hear from women leaders in the industry and connect in a candid and real way with their counterparts. When you sign-up for HW Annual, make sure to select the add-on ticket for the forum in order to not miss out on panels like this one. Register for the forum and HW Annual here.

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