Kudos: Houston-area Realtor plans to build community center, family park

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Texas-based Realtor Jordan Schilleci with her clients at Chicago Title for closing.

While selling homes as a real estate agent in Spring, Texas, which is located in the Houston metro area, Jordan Schilleci felt something was missing — a place for people to gather and spend time together, like a recreation or community center. Such a place could be popular, especially following the lockdowns seen throughout the state as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic,

Rather than wait for someone else to take charge of the project, she put her head down and decided to take on the task of building such a center herself.

Schilleci said she’s currently in the process of buying more than 10 acres off a street in Spring — a city of around 60,000 people north of Houston — which she will put a “community space” on, complete with an outdoor food court, a barn for gathering in, outdoor space for children to play in, and an area for horses. She’s also toying with the idea of purchasing five acres of lakeside property and building a family park on it.

“There isn’t anywhere big or cool for people to gather in Spring, and I want to provide that,” she said. “My goal in life isn’t to make a ton of money — it really is to give back.” It’s her connection to Spring, along with the example she wants to set for her family, that’s driving her.

Schilleci’s family has been in the Spring area for more than 50 years, she said, giving her an almost protective feeling of the region. It is also important, she said, that her children grow up knowing that their mother made a difference in the community.

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