HW+ Virtual 2022 Forecast Event

Forecasts take on a new meaning this year as we enter our second year of economic forecasting in a COVID-19 world. This 2022 forecast event brought together some of the top economists and researchers in the housing space, equipping attendees with the insights and data they need to navigate the year ahead.

The following on-demand event is an in-depth look at the predictions for next year, along with a roundtable discussion on how these insights apply to your business and the biggest questions and challenges surrounding 2022.  

In a forecast series that led up to the event, we shared multiple perspectives from industry leaders on what you need to compete, which you can find here.

Watch the full on-demand event below.


  • Sarah Wheeler, Editor-in-Chief, HousingWire
  • Logan Mohtashami, Lead Analyst, HousingWire
  • Selma Hepp, Deputy Chief Economist, CoreLogic
  • Marina Walsh, VP, Industry Analysis Research and Economics, Mortgage Bankers Association
  • Jeff Tucker, Senior Economist, Zillow
  • Sadie Gurley, Vice President, Maxwell

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