How mortgage servicers can increase visibility into their portfolios


Whether you’re a tax assessor, collector, title company, originator or loan servicer, there is no unified source of truth pertaining to ever-changing collateral characteristics and risks. There needs to be better visibility and insight into those changes across the ecosystem.

CoreLogic’s DigitalTax Portfolio Monitoring is powered by the company’s data, which is backed by a set of people who are dedicated in partnering with various types of government entities to procure more robust data sets, more frequently. In doing so, DigitalTax Portfolio Monitoring facilitates a user’s ability to have actionable insights and, in many cases, to engage their homeowners sooner. 

The DigitalTax Portfolio Monitoring solution provides powerful visibility into trending and identification of changes in the customer’s property characteristics, which then incites action and initiates true risk management, enabling a better experience for the homeowner.

CoreLogic enables this by giving a holistic view across the entire lifecycle of a loan, from origination to payoff or transfer, giving its customers the ability to be proactive rather than reactive. This truly drives home the “first to know, first to act” mentality anytime a company characteristic changes. Providing those actionable insights to customers is key to decision-making and ensuring a better homeowner experience.

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