HousingWire Magazine: September 2022


Back in March, HousingWire Lead Analyst Logan Mohtashami coined the phrase “savagely unhealthy” to describe the state of the housing market. As catchy and memorable as the saying is, it signifies a very volatile and discouraging time for industry professionals and people looking to buy a home.

Do you notice how I used a present-tense word there? Unfortunately, this phrase still rings true six months later. When Mohtashami first used the phrase in his commentaries back in March, he said, “I have lost my five-year home-price growth model of 23% in just two years, and inventory has worsened in 2022. So now, I consider this not just an unhealthy housing market, but a savagely unhealthy housing market.”

Mohtashami, since writing that piece, has continued to expand on what this means, diving deeper and deeper into recession talks and even adding the word “nightmare” to the mix. Because of the timely September issue theme, retail and lending, we asked Mohtashami to update readers in a feature piece that focuses on the need-to-know information moving into the rest of 2022 and beyond.

Starting on page 26, you’ll hear directly from him about the state of housing and the economy. And, for those who would love to see him in person, you can join us at HousingWire Annual for his Housing Super Session. Go to page 19 to learn more. 

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