HousingWire Magazine: March 2021

At this point, you’re probably used to seeing Kelsey Ramírez’s name in this spot. As the HousingWire magazine editor, she not only profiled and covered the top leaders and stories in the housing industry, but she also spearheaded the redesign of this magazine, taking the content and creative to a whole new level. For that, she deserves all the kudos, and I have some big shoes to fill. 

It seems fitting that my first issue overseeing the HousingWire magazine would be the TECH100 issue. Digital innovation and disruption were just as much a theme in the industry when I started at HousingWire back in 2013 as they are now. However, over the last 8 years, the industry has constantly pushed the limits of what it means to be a digital disruptor, with 2020 propelling the industry into a full digital revolution. 

COVID-19 forced companies that had been reluctant to adapt to the new digital world to finally get on board, as states and counties implemented stay-at-home orders. And for the companies that were already operating in the digital space, they were able to stay ahead of the curve as home-buyer demand reached unheard-of levels. 

Behind much of this tech adoption are the 100 real estate and mortgage companies featured in our HousingWire Magazine TECH100 list, which led the great fintech acceleration. See the full story and check out the list starting on page 24. 

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