Here’s a look at a reimagined LOS landscape


HW Media CEO Clayton Collins is joined by Jim Rosen, vice president of product management at Mortgage Cadence, to discuss the challenges facing lenders in the LOS landscape, and how an LOS-first approach solves for them. 

In all aspects of the industry, lenders are feeling the effects of the shift from the previous years’ refi boom to today’s purchase market. The consequential tightening of profit margins has led lenders to reevaluate their processes and focus more on the price of originating. 

“A lot of lenders are dealing with challenges in their vertically integrated ecosystems, and how can they navigate the technical challenges of closed technology ecosystems,” Rosen said. “So Mortgage Cadence is looking to deliver some solutions that provide support in all of those challenges.”

Integral to those solutions is Mortgage Cadence’s LOS-first strategy. In order to carry out this strategy, the company has reimagined and reinvested in its LOS platform, focusing on an API-first architecture that allows Mortgage Cadence to provide a more flexible user interface for its customers. 

“The API surface allows an administrator to connect their LOS to all of the systems that they have in their business ecosystem with an ease and an ability that they’ve never had before,” Rosen explained. “So these closed ecosystems that they’re having to struggle with today become something of the past. And their LOS becomes a supportive part of their ecosystem, and allows them to connect to the service partners with an ease and ability that they’ve never had before.”

When asked how Mortgage Cadence’s strategy differentiated from the rest of the market, Rosen highlighted the company’s provider-agnostic approach. 

“We really want to provide a position that allows a lender and a business partner to do business, we want to get out of the way, remove friction, let them do business together,” Rosen said.

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