Grab the Key video promotes Black homeownership

Back in May, the HousingWire executive team made a commitment to focusing on obstacles to Black homeownership in our news coverage.

We’ve woven this coverage across our media channels, including interviews with Donnell Williams, Montell Watson and Alanna McCargo. We’ve also created a content center dedicated to Black homeownership, and plan to cover the topic in our upcoming HousingWire Annual virtual event.

As the General Manager of a housing news media brand, I expect this kind of coverage from our newsroom. This is what we do.

I don’t expect this kind of hard-hitting coverage from companies in the housing industry, especially when they are not looking to capitalize on that coverage or receive any financial or brand benefits from it.

That’s why I was so surprised when the Grab the Key video came across my desk. Here was a fact-based, well-produced video that describes the history of systemic racism in housing, but also offers hope for increasing Black homeownership.

I’ve spoken with representatives from the company behind the video, and as of now they have no desire to be acknowledged or named. They think of this video as an anonymous “gift to industry.”

Here is the video:

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