Finalize the closing disclosure earlier in the process using this collaborative platform


The CoreLogic Title & Closing Solution offers an enhanced workflow designed to support lenders and vendors in the title and closing process. The Title & Closing Solution syncs order management, secures vendor communication and document transfer, encourages full compliance, and ultimately enhances consumer experience in home ownership.

The solution allows lenders to securely and consistently interact with vendors. With systems already integrated into lenders’ loan origination systems, lenders can automate title and closing directly from their system of record. 

On the vendor side, TitlePort provides a secure, closed environment where title and escrow professionals can receive orders from CoreLogic-supported lenders, exchange messages about specific orders and return their completed work. 

The solution supports the current workflow, but CoreLogic is also building out the framework to support the changing environments’ needs surrounding eClosings. 

Security is a key feature of the CoreLogic Title & Closing Solution, which creates a secure channel for data and documents to flow through the highest levels of encryption to protect sensitive information. 

Lenders can use the Title & Closing Solution to collaborate directly with their settlement agent on fees for the closing disclosure, enabling lender partners to finalize the closing disclosure earlier in the process and get it to their borrowers sooner.

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