Executing a Successful Content Strategy

HousingWire Editor-In-Chief, Sarah Wheeler, sits down with Brian Rieger, co-founder and CEO at Content Beacon, and Kirk G. Willison, vice president at Arch Mortgage Insurance Company, to walk attendees through the process of creating a successful content strategy.

Here is a small preview of the session, which has been lightly edited for length and clarity:

Sarah Wheeler: How do you decide what content is worth working on and how do you keep an ear to the ground to know what’s valuable on an ongoing basis?

Brian Rieger: I really work on two different kinds of content. I work with you and the folks at HousingWire, many times on what I would call PR content, contributed articles, or maybe story ideas, that sort of thing. And then, of course, you guys do a little of this at HousingWire, there’s content marketing, self-generated content. So I’m going to kind of go more towards the PR content here. And it starts by knowing your client, as crazy as it sounds, what’s the business objective? But then, you know, what’s the right publication? Where is their target market?

Kirk G. Willison: So I look at it from a different situation. I’ve really never looked at capital commentary or policy as PR in the sense of pitching products and services that Arch provides. Instead, it’s a vehicle with which to really just raise people’s awareness of Arch to say, “These guys are really thought leaders, and if I want to get us a mortgage insurance company, they’re the ones I’m going to choose.” So instead, maybe I’m thinking a little more parochial, but I’m thinking what are the stories I’m interested in?

Watch the full session below. To go back to the full HousingWire engage.marketing on demand summit, go here.


  • Brian Rieger, Co-Founder & CEO, Content Beacon
  • Kirk G. Willison, Vice President, Government & Industry Relations, Arch Mortgage Insurance Company
  • Sarah Wheeler, Editor in Chief, HousingWire

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