Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology provides an all-in-one workflow for omnichannel lenders

Today’s lenders must be as agile, efficient and scalable as possible to respond to evolving consumer preferences and fast-changing market conditions. Encompass by ICE Mortgage Technology is the industry’s most complete end-to-end solution that provides the flexibility and configurability needed to deliver a next-generation lending experience for every channel, all from a single system of record.

As the only truly digital lending platform that provides an all-in-one workflow for omnichannel lenders, Encompass helps customers generate more leads, close more loans and drive unparalleled ROI. By managing every loan, including home equity, refinance or new purchase, in one place, lenders are also able to make better decisions, keep costs down and quickly adapt to changing market trends. 

Due to recent market shifts, there is an increased demand from consumers for home equity lending products. With Encompass, lenders can feel confident in knowing their LOS platform has the flexibility to support home equity lending at scale. Customers can drive applications with an array of leading point-of-sales solutions, as well as retain and build referral business through seamless integrations with sales and marketing solutions, such as Velocify. Encompass also delivers on being the most compliant LOS with dynamically generated required disclosures and HMDA reporting to support home equity lending. 

“We partner with customers to understand their pain points and identify opportunities where we can minimize complexity in their processes. Encompass is designed to grow and adapt with their business, so their loan origination system is ready for whatever comes their way,” said Stephanie Durflinger, SVP, Product Management.

Encompass is equipped with powerful technology to automate any task, process or service within a matter of clicks. By automating previously manual and time-consuming tasks, lenders and investors can acquire, originate, close and sell significantly more loans in less time, all while delivering a best-in-class borrower experience. Encompass also offers a task-based workflow that enables operations managers to easily create, assign, manage, and track all their loan tasks in a single unified interface.

With Encompass eClose, Encompass customers also benefit from having a single workflow for their closing process. For wet-signed loans to a full eClosing and everything in between, now lenders can have one partner, one workflow, one source and one network for it all.  

Unlike other solutions, Encompass also allows mortgage lenders and investors access to the largest network of partners in the industry. The Marketplace by ICE Mortgage Technology includes thousands of leading mortgage companies that span the full gamut of technology solution categories, from mortgage servicing and title, to escrow, automated underwriting services and many more. Through pre-built, bi-directional API integrations, customers can utilize these trusted, proven solutions to enhance and digitize their lending workflows.

With a long history as an industry leader, ICE provides a wealth of experience, compliance expertise and data-driven insights that no one else can match. Through best-of-breed automation and data, Encompass is helping customers reduce costs, increase revenue and deliver better customer experiences at every step of the loan lifecycle.


Stephanie Durflinger, SVP, Product Management

Stephanie Durflinger is Senior Vice President of Product Management for the full suite of digital mortgage solutions at ICE Mortgage Technology.

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