Coldwell Banker welcomes new brokerages as part of Inclusive Ownership program

Three brokerages have joined Coldwell Banker as a part of its new Inclusive Ownership program.

Coldwell Banker Omni Group in Santa Ana, California, owned by Tina Marie and Rich Hernandez; Coldwell Banker Action Holdings in Grand Island, Nebraska, owned by Amber Schuppan; and Coldwell Banker Commercial Northland in Flagstaff, Arizona, owned by Becky McBride, have joined the brand.

The Inclusive Ownership program, first announced in February, is an initiative to increase the representation of minorities, women, LGBTQ+ and veteran entrepreneurs in the real estate industry.

“I am extremely excited to welcome three new brokerages to the Coldwell Banker brand,” Ryan Gorman, president and CEO of Coldwell Banker Real Estate, said in a statement. “We are at a crucial moment where it is no longer enough to have conversations about diversity, and brands like Coldwell Banker must act.”

As a part of this program, the company said each new brokerage affiliating with Coldwell Banker will not pay the initial franchise fee and will receive financial incentives to support diverse business owners in the critical first two years of business.

In addition, benefits include up to $100,000 of funding, royalty fee rebates, education, mentorship and owners receive membership and conference registration for an industry partner group of their choice.

The newly added brokerages help their communities in different ways.

Coldwell Banker Omni Group helps the Latino community in Orange County, California, build generational wealth through homeownership and multi-family investment properties.

Coldwell Banker Action Holdings helps family-owned farms maintain land and generate income. In addition, Schuppan also advocates for fair housing in Nebraska as a member of the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission.

Becoming the first woman-owned Coldwell Banker Commercial brokerage in Arizona, Coldwell Banker Commercial Northland is a Coldwell Banker residential affiliate that expanded to a commercial brokerage.

“This program will increase diversity among our brokerages, supporting minority, women, LGBTQ, and veteran entrepreneurs,” Gorman said. “When we increase diversity among our broker-owners and focus on a culture of inclusion, brokerages will better serve groups that are traditionally underrepresented as home and property owners. Coldwell Banker can help build wealth for diverse communities and promote equal opportunity for all.”

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