Black Knight Servicing Digital helps servicers deliver a convenient customer experience

Black Knight Servicing Digital is a powerful, white-labeled solution that allows servicers to provide consumers with information about their home value and how to grow and leverage wealth from their property. The solution is a convenient resource that leverages Black Knight’s vast repository of mortgage and public records data, coupled with leading analytics.

It can increase customer retention by fostering interactivity, delivering an exceptional customer experience and offering the convenience of digital capabilities to view pertinent information or make loan payments. Servicing Digital can also facilitate longer, more profitable customer relationships by giving consumers data that can help them make decisions about lowering monthly payments while providing a direct connection to the financial institution for more information. 

“Servicing Digital has created a new way for consumers and servicers to interact regularly with each other, adding value and ‘stickiness’ to this important relationship,” said Sandra Madigan, chief digital officer at Black Knight. “Designed specifically with the end-user in mind, Servicing Digital helps servicers deliver an outstanding, convenient and modern customer experience, which enhances growth and retention.”

Consumers can make payments directly through the Servicing Digital app, which streamlines the payment process for them. And because the app provides them with relevant information, it can help reduce the volume of consumer calls for the servicer’s customer service center.

Servicers can leverage Black Knight data to make personalized scenarios for consumers regarding home equity, refinance and loss mitigation directly in the app. This is designed to help increase acceptance, allow the consumer to take advantage with the click of a button and streamline the communication process for the financial institution. And it keeps customers on the financial institution’s website, so other scenarios can be presented.

“Servicing Digital can present customer-specific ‘what if’ scenarios for refinancing, getting a home equity loan or purchasing another property, and positions a servicer’s lending division for additional business if a customer decides to pursue any of the home financing options presented,” Madigan said.

By offering comprehensive neighborhood and real estate information in the app, consumers can gain more insight about the value of their home and neighborhood, allowing them to be better informed about the best next step based on their situation.

“Black Knight strives to lead our industry in providing clients with tools that facilitate homeownership,” Madigan said. “With Servicing Digital, borrowers have the self-service tools they need to manage their homeownership and understand and grow the value of their most valuable asset — their home — and it helps strengthen the trusted relationship with their servicer.”