BHGRE President Ginger Wilcox to take the stage at HW Annual 2023

Ginger Wilcox’s intricate knowledge of the housing market is almost unparalleled. Her industry experience is vast and includes leadership roles across the housing landscape. Wilcox has a unique skillet and is laser-focused on how to best serve the end consumer. A look at her list of accomplishments includes serving as the head of industry marketing and relations for Trulia, co-CEO and chief revenue officer at RealSure and chief experience officer at Homepoint.

Now, she has recently been appointed president of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate (BHGRE), where she is tasked with leading the company’s global network of more than 12,000 affiliated brokers and independent sales associates. This extensive background in housing is simply one reason why she’s joining the powerful line-up of HW Annual speakers. As for the other reasons, the Q&A below gives a deeper look at her goals as a leader, and how much you can learn from her leadership mindset by joining us in Austin, Texas. 

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HousingWire: Today’s uncertain market offers many growth opportunities. What is the BHGRE growth plan to boost market share?

Ginger Wilcox: We’re in a unique position to really leverage what I would call the cachet and awareness of a 100-year-old brand that really is synonymous with home and has been for over 100 years. This is absolutely an advantage in today’s market and the low inventory landscape. There are fewer transactions because our agents have that kind of insight track of consumer needs and preferences when it comes to home. 

The way I like to think about this is if we’re on a seller shortlist to represent their home, there’s no reason we shouldn’t be winning that listing simply because of the tools, resources and insights that we have. 

We’re really fortunate to have a relationship with Better Homes and Gardens magazine, which gives us enormous reach, but it also gives us really unique insights into what consumer behavior looks like and the trends that are related to home. Last month, we took advantage of our 15th anniversary to showcase the value of the brand to the industry which was extremely well received. One of the things that we did as part of that was launch a “dream patio set” sweepstakes that has generated 12,000 entries. So, people are really excited about the brand and we’re going to continue to leverage that.

HW: In an age where brand awareness is everything, what are you doing to make BHGRE stand out among the competition? How are you bringing new life to the brand?

GW: The way that I like to think about Better Homes and Gardens is that it’s an iconic brand but it’s also the brand for the next generation. I think that’s really key because part of what I’ll be doing is leveraging my unique background to be able to bring a different lens when it comes to the digital landscape technology and how that incorporates different types of tools and resources that our competition isn’t using.

HW: Your previous roles have focused on marketing and digital engagement, how has that foundation helped you take charge as President of BHGRE?

GW: I have a pretty deep marketing and digital background. I’ve been the chief marketing officer and chief experience officer for companies in the mortgage and real estate space. What that means is that I spent a lot of time thinking about the evolution from print to digital. 

I was an early employee at Trulia, and that was a really incredible opportunity to see the industry’s transformation as we went through it. I was also co-founder of an organization that provided social media, education and training to the real estate industry. And through that, I was an early adopter of the social and digital tools and had the opportunity to partner with the National Association of Realtors to rewrite their e-PRO certification course. 

Through that opportunity, I gave agents new resources and tools on using digital media, social media and video technology, and all of these are tools that become really important in today’s landscape and something that we really look to lean on. With Better Homes and Gardens, we have a very strong social media presence and digital footprint and that’s an area where I really am looking forward to leaning in and diving into better support for our agents.

HW: How has the experience been of stepping into your predecessor — Sherry Chris’s — shoes?

GW: I’ve been pretty vocal about saying that, I’m not necessarily stepping into her shoes because the shoes are pretty hard to fill. I’m really looking forward to guiding the brand into its next chapter. I’m very lucky. I’ve known Sherry for over a decade and I have her full support as I move into my position.

She’s by my side as I need her, and she’s been really generous with her time. We’ve traveled together, met with brokers and agents, and I will continue to lean on her as I need. She’s an incredible mentor and friend, but I’m really looking forward to forging a new chapter for Better Homes and Gardens and really helping us go to the next phase of our evolution and growth.

HW: You’re speaking at the Vanguard Forum at HW Annual, why do you think it is important for the most successful leaders in housing to have the chance to all meet in the same room? What are you hoping your time on stage accomplishes?

GW: I’m really excited to attend the event. I think that this event is unique in the industry because it brings together mortgage and real estate, which is something that’s core to my background. I’m excited to be a bridge for that. There’s going to be a tremendous audience of some of the strongest leaders in the industry, and I’m excited to listen and learn from them, as well. I think that we’re at a really challenging time in our market and a challenging time in our industry. And together we have a big opportunity to work together to move the industry forward and in some meaningful ways. 

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Get ready for HousingWire Annual 2023

Get ready for HousingWire Annual 2023

Improving your bottom line at HW Annual

Improving your bottom line at HW Annual

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Marketing leader Jon Lyons to speak at HW Annual

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